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Thursday, June 9, 2011

big news....

After 12 years filled with lots of fun and hard work, I have decided to close the retail side of douglas & hope.
I would like to thank all of our fabulous customers, suppliers and manufacturers for your support.
You will soon be able to purchase some of my products on-line and through select retail stores.

I have decided to close my stores, to give me more time with my children, it has been an enormous task being a single parent, running a business and looking after 4 year old twin boys. I feel as though I have reached my full capacity and need to wind things down a notch.

I am thinking chickens a vegie patch and TIME.

I will continue to design product, and if you would like to keep in touch with what I am doing, sign up to my newsletter through this blog site.
Please make sure you are on the mailing list.

Thank you all again,
it has been great.....



Anonymous said...

sad to hear but enjoy the next chapter of life!

when will the fitzroy and city stores be open until?

lisa {waller} said...

Thats s bit sad Cath, but I can fully

Anonymous said...

ohhh it's sad to hear, my favorite shop closing!! But I can totally understand you can only be a supermum for so long! A new chapter and new beginnings and the chooks and vegie patch sound perfect xo

Teresa said...

Wow Cath......BIG NEWS!!!!! I am sure you have plenty of things that you will do and this gives you the freedom to do it and if you can do it at home with the boys is even better!!!!! This means I will definitely have to invest in a quilt, how many weeks till close????? Good Luck and will see you on the weekend Tx

Mary said...

Dear Cathy,
This is the end of an era! But the beginning of a new one. Can totally appreciate your decision. But for purely selfish reasons I'm bummed. Was planning on making a few purchases while in town. I arrive in Australia on the 7th of July. Guess you'll have more time tocatch up. Would love to get the boys together.
Xo Mary

Leslie said...

I stopped by your store in Fitzroy yesterday and was so sad to see that you were closing your doors. Sad for me that it won't be one of my first stops when I step off the tram on Brunswick Street...but happy for you that you have recognised that you need to step back and do something for you. It could not have been an easy decision. Best of luck with the future - chickens and veggie patch or whatever your new path brings. Best of luck! L

Sarah said...

Aww, sadness! My favourite store in Melbourne. I admire you for making this big decision. Best wishes for your future, enjoy your time with your boys :)

Vanessa + Jenny said...

Very sad to hear that you're closing, Cath! I live in Sydney, but on the few occasions that I have visited Melbourne, your store has been on our must-visit list. I purchased some Dr. Bronner's liquid soap and an apple wall hook on our last visit. Very good memories!

I also remember being so inspired reading an article about your quilts when you first opened your doors.

Good luck with your new path - may you get lots of relaxation, inspiration and time to spend enjoying the good things in life!


Anonymous said...

Im gutted of course, as douglas and hope have been one of my favourite melbourne stores since I purchased some soap there whilst wandering one day - back when you were in johnson street c.2001! But I totally respect your decision and applaud your courage. I am a full-time mum now to 2 beautiful little boys and I treasure the fact that I get to hang out with them everyday and share all those magic little moments. Im sure you won't regret the choice you have made.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on what I know is a hard decision to make! You have done a fantastic job with an iconic store.. and a single mother of two to boot. Cathy, I wish you all the luck and success for the future that you have had in the past. Bless.

Louisa Phillips x