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Thursday, August 7, 2008

self promotion

Ask anyone who runs their own business and they will tell you that any type of promotion is good...
generally it comes in the form of magazine or newspaper editorial, of which douglas & hope has done incredibly well in the past...
but this time, as in next Wednseday 13th August at 9am, it will come in the form of television!
bit scary I know, but 9am with David and Kim will be showing an interview with myself about quilting....
and being one to want to share, I also roped in my weekly craft/quilting girls.
There is a group of 8 of us who for the last 5 years have met weekly on a Thursday night at our different houses to quilt.
It started with me teaching them how to quilt, and now it is more about the wine, the food, the weekly catch up, the cups of tea and cakes and a little bit of sewing also gets done.
The craft girls filming section was done at Melissas lovely home.
If you get a chance 9am Wednesday 13th August, Channel 10.