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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lucas Grogan

Ganim Store in Fitzroy looks fabulous, Lucas Grogan ever so kindly painted the window for the release of the Lucas Grogan & douglas & hope Artist plate.
These plates have been selling like MAD.
I sold out at Finders Keepers and Ganim store has already SOLD out and re-ordered.

Here is the Ganim store and some of Lucas's work in Hosier Lane, Melbourne.
You can purchase his plate online here


Anonymous said...

why are you supporting a person who is stealing indigenous art motifs, sacred drawing and iconography?

Anonymous said...

smash every one of those racist scumbag plates

cathy hope said...

everyone is allowed an opinion, to quote art critic Jill Stowell

"These are not parodies but a kind of homage to an exciting form of traditional art.

"To date, Aboriginal communities have lodged no complaints."

the full article is here

cathy hope said...

another article