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Sunday, August 23, 2009

mags & papers

In todays Sunday Age M magazine there was a few pieces from douglas & hope,
cushions, wild wood weaving ball and nest and the bell jar with fake birds....

today I discovered this little photo in Elle Decoration UK, May issue, and was most surprised,

this is my kitchen sink at my house in Castlemaine, it's a page about patchwork, and they mention the tiles,
this photo was taken a few years ago by a german guy, Bernd Opitz
more photos are about to be published in a dutch magazine, so when it arrives I will post them up....

Sunday, August 16, 2009


when I lived in London way back in 1991/92, I lived right on Portobello Market,
and I loved it,
2nd hand clothes on Fridays, the full market on Saturdays,
bric a brac under the fly over on Sundays and fruit and veg every day of the week,
it really is a shame Melbourne doesn't have the equivalent,
so when I read about the new comme des garcons shoe shop designed by Faye Toogood at the Dover Street market,
it really did make me wish I lived there still, and I could just pop by and have a look....
Faye is of 'world of Interiors' fame, and I did meet her once, she is particularly lovely....

flown away

In this months issue of Melbourne magazine, free with the Age,
our flocked flying birds are featured,
and due to an amazing response, we have now completely sold out,
which is a bit of a shame as they have been a douglas & hope staple for quite a few years now,
and will most probably not be made again,
if you are lucky enough to own a set, enjoy....


when I was little, my nana had a gorgeous gold silk eiderdown on her bed,
I had never seen anything like it, she was English and I am assuming brought it with her from England.
this is why I have always done the douglas & hope eiderdowns,
we have some new ones in the store now........

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was emailed an invite to this exhibition opening,
it looks great but is in Sydney unfortunately,
if anyone goes let us know what it's like.....