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Saturday, October 8, 2011

please help me with this one

I have just been alerted to a web site in the U.K, can you please have a look and give me your thoughts,
you can check it out here
thanks, I am in shock still.....


Sharon said...

i had a look at the ladies site. You have a blog post
where you show this photo that is also on her website
Perhaps you need to go see a lawyer as you have a case if they have used one of your quilts and are passing as their designs.
Also i read quite a few blogs and came across hers featured in a very popular blog called Designsponge.
Also a lot of people now save photos of things they like from the web on a virtual pinboard called Pinterest. The website clearly states about copyright infringement.
As this is a shared website there are multiple listings of the quilt on the bed saved.
I would contact Design sponge and Pinterest to get them to remove the articles/photos as well as taking a case against Cassandra Ellis for infringements. i hope this helps.

Tori said...

Some people buy things and then sell them on unfortunately, many suggesting without exactly 'saying it' that they made the piece themselves...
She writes on her website that she works with different designers to make the quilts, I suppose this is not a lie?
Sorry to hear this, I can see how much love goes into your work and I suggest messaging anyone like this directly x