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Saturday, April 5, 2008


kimono quilt SOLD

I am in a bit of a quandery,
I know I have promised to post photos of my quilts,
but I have decided not to.... I think.
I have had trouble in the past of people copying them, and I know this is difficult when they are all one offs,
but I have devoloped my own style and mix of fabrics, and this is what has been emulated by others.
I just feel very nervous about putting them out there.
So I am very sorry, if anyone else has had issues of copying, please let me know,
I am interested in hearing about it.
It is meant to be the highest form of flattery, but it feels more like being violated.
All my quilts are available in store.


Belinda said...

I was looking forward to you posting them. Not being in Melbourne and all. But totally understand your reasoning. The one pictured is just stunning! I can understand why they sell so quickly.

nice-etc said...

sigh, that is sad. i know exactly how you feel.

it really is painful to see your ideas stolen..i've had this talk many times with my mom..she always reminds me that you just have to stay one step ahead. ..and i'm positive that no one beats your quality!

Betty Jo said...

Hi there,
It is great to discover your blog, as I'm a huge fan of D&H!
I only posted the other day about catching a woman in her shop copying my jewellery.
Even after saying something, I felt quite uncomfortable about it.
But it kick started a new burst of inspiration and a determination to keep going forward.
I know where your coming from feeling nervous about copy cats,although some people will find a way to "imitate" others work if they really want to(even by purchasing the original like my cheeky copier)
It would be sad if this quandary caused clever craftspeople to stop sharing images of their work,but copyright is such a fuzzy area.
All I can say is original is always best!
Liz @ Betty Jo designs

Anna Laura said...

It is interesting to read this as I just discovered someone copying my little felt ladies and it doesn't feel to great. The quilt is lovely by the way, but I can understand the hesitation.

oldflowers4me said...

i think -that its great that you have said this-people need to do there own thing- its ok -to look and take little notes in your mind-i do it my self-but i think you-have to make things your own way..oh have a great night singing and skipping jo.

mrs lord said...

I think abosolutely don't post them because those that copy these things take the photos and send them to factories o/s where they are reproduced en masse using sub-standard materials. Australian designers of homewares, clothes etc have to guard their designs with their life. I truly beileive that you get what you pay for when it comes to these sorts of things and exploiting third-world workers to mass produce is a total violation.

Spin Spin said...

Talk about depressing - yes, all the stories of copying etc are somewhat disheartening. I guess the advice to just keep moving on and up is the best you can take. How do these people sleep at night? And to deprive everyone else of seeing your lovely work - darn them!

Kristine said...

Hi Cathy,
Yes I feel the same way you do. I hold a lot back on my blog because I know local competitors ponder over every word and image. I'd love to share the development process behind my designs but know it would be giving too much away. It's something I thought about for ages before starting a blog. I feel like I'm always skirting around the edges of my core work which I can't share. I guess it's all a question of finding the balance you are happy with.

I'm sure your approach is the right one, and it will get the curious amongst us hot footing it into your stores!

Lara said...

Mmm, I definitely agree with the comments above, but I think the craft blog community would be a very boring place to visit if people stopped showing pictures of their creations and works in progress. I am really glad to see you out here blogging with the rest of us Cathy, and I think it gives people a greater sense of connection with you and your shop to see what goes on behind the scenes.

I guess it's different when you're already established and have made a name for yourself - but for me I believe a great deal of my textile business success has come as a result of sharing my processes etc with people. It works two ways too - I get a lot of valuable feedback as a result.

Liana said...

Inspiring others is great but being copied by others is not. I have had experience with both!

Anonymous said...

Some inspiration for you all with this beautiful quote from the awesome visionary film maker Jim Jarmusch:

WONDERFUL! and so true it hurts!

Anonymous said...